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Junction 35 Spirits

Sweet Tea Moonshine

Sweet Tea Moonshine

All 14 flavored moonshines are 70 proof. 100 proof straight OG Shine.

Product Profile:
Nothing says back porch sippin’ on a hot summer day quite like the refreshing flavors of sweet tea. Junction 35’s Sweet Tea Moonshine is made from the finest black teas we could find. It’s blended up with the perfect balance of sweetness to create a truly extraordinary moonshine.

Tasting Notes:
Right off the start, your taste buds will enjoy refreshing flavors of sugarcane and freshly made sweet tea. It tastes just like the sweet tea that our Master Distiller’s memaw used to make when company came around for a visit.


    Sweet Tea Moonshine

    Spike Sweet Tea

    • 1 oz Sweet Tea Moonshine
    • 1 oz Peach Moonshine
    • Top with Sweet Tea.
    • In a tall glass filled with ice, pour in J35’s Sweet Tea and Peach Moonshines, then top with sweet tea. Sip and enjoy!
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