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Junction 35 Spirits

Straight Bourbon

Straight Bourbon

We have 3- 90 proof straights. Bourbon, Rye and TN Whiskey.

Product Profile:
Junction 35’s award-winning Straight Bourbon is always crafted in small batches. This bourbon is well-bodied and very balanced. It is great on the rocks or the perfect way to elevate any whiskey cocktail. It is dark gold and copper colored with orange brass highlights.

Tasting Notes:
Junction 35 Bourbon is sweet to the nose with corn and cereal grain as well as hints of vanilla and spice. Coming in through the middles is a blend of caramel with notes of peppercorn and smoky tobacco. The finish is bold and warm with lingering notes of earthy spice and candied fruit.


    Straight Bourbon

    Old Fashioned

    • 2oz Straight Bourbon
    • 3 Dashes Old Fashioned Bitters
    • Slice of Orange
    • Cherry
    • Brown Sugar Cube
    • Splash of Soda Water
    • Crush the sugar cube in a mixing glass, drop in the cherry, add the bourbon, and stir for 60 seconds. Pour contents into a rocks glass, add a large craft ice cube, top with soda water, spritz with the oil of the orange slice and slide it into the glass.
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