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Junction 35 Spirits

Original Moonshine

Original Moonshine

All 14 flavored moonshines are 70 proof. 100 proof straight OG Shine.

Product Profile:
The one that started it all! A time-honored recipe from the hills of the Great Smoky Mountains. This one has been tinkered on through the generations to create one of the most well rounded OG moonshines in the hills.

Tasting Notes:
This one starts off with notes of corn whiskey and softens to notes of fresh cracked wheat, before leaving you with a warm inviting finish.


    Original Moonshine

    Dirty Dill

    • 2oz Moonshine
    • 2oz Spicy Pickle Juice
    • Shake and Strain into a Martini Glass.
    • Top with a Pickle Slice.
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