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Junction 35 Spirits

Bam Bam Vodka

Bam Bam Vodka

All vodkas are 80 proof and all distilled 5x.

Product Profile:
Junction 35’s number one seller is bound to take you back in time to cartoons on Saturday morning.

Tasting Notes:
From the start, you will taste the quintessential favorite Saturday morning cereal. The flavor takes you on a journey through notes of sugary coating, fruity cereal, and finished with the milk at the bottom of the bowl.


    Bam Bam Vodka

    J35 Fruity Punch

    • 2 oz J35 Bam Bam Vodka
    • 4 oz Fresh Watermelon juice
    • Top with Lemon-Lime soda
    • Shake the Bam Bam Vodka with the Fresh Watermelon juice and pour over ice, top with Sprite.
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