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Top 4 Reasons to Go Moonshine Tasting at Our Pigeon Forge Distillery

Top 4 Reasons to Go Moonshine Tasting at Our Pigeon Forge Distillery

The next time you are exploring all the fun activities to do in Pigeon Forge, be sure you add a trip to our distillery to the itinerary. For those who are of age, you can sample many of our products at the sampling counter. From bourbon and whiskey to rum and vodka, you can find it all at Junction 35, including moonshine! Here are 4 reasons to go moonshine tasting at our Pigeon Forge distillery: 

1. Assortment of Options 

At Junction 35, you can sample a variety of moonshine flavors. From fruity flavors such as orange and apple pie to straight moonshine, there is something that everyone in your group will enjoy. Throughout the week, we rotate our sampling schedule daily, so be sure to check out our website often to see which flavors of moonshine and spirits we have available. Once you find your favorite, you can purchase a bottle (or more) to take back home with you! Our spirits also make a great gift for those who were unable to make the trip with you to the Smokies! 

2. More Than Just Moonshine 

spirit samples at Junction 35 in Pigeon Forge

There are a variety of places across the Smokies that offer moonshine tasting. However, we offer much more to pass around. At our sampling counter, you can sample our other products as well, including whiskeys of all different flavors. Some of the ones that we commonly have available include raspberry, black cherry, honey, caramel apple, and of course, our straight Tennessee Whiskey! You can also visit our Pigeon Forge restaurant and bar where our bartenders can create an amazing cocktail with your favorite spirit from the distillery. 

3. Meet New Friends

We know your group will love hanging out together at our Pigeon Forge distillery. However, Junction 35 is also the perfect place to come and meet new people. Our name comes from the junction that was popular during the times of the railroad industry. This is a place where workers would go to meet new people, celebrate, and get their minds off work. That is the idea that we have encompassed into our distillery, so visit us for a good time filled with company and drinks! 

4. Friendly and Knowledgable Staff 

bartender at Junction 35 Spirits pouring shots

As you sample moonshine at our distillery, our staff is more than happy to answer any questions you have. From the distilling process to how the bottles are made, our staff will be able to teach you about the entire operation. They can also help you find your favorite flavor of moonshine, whiskey, vodka, or other spirit. When you step through our doors, you become a member of the Junction 35 family, and we do our best to make sure every guest is 100 percent satisfied! 

Would you like to learn more about our Pigeon Forge distillery? Check out our story and be sure to visit us on your next trip to the Smoky Mountains to sample our incredible spirits and menu options! We look forward to seeing you soon!