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5 Flavored Whiskeys to Try at Junction 35

5 Flavored Whiskeys to Try at Junction 35

The high-quality spirits here at Junction 35 are going to blow your mind! We offer a great selection of bourbons, ryes, moonshines, vodkas, gins, tequilas, rums, and last but certainly not least, true Tennessee whiskeys. These whiskeys are crafted right here in Pigeon Forge by our experts who pour years of experience into each drop. Our flavored whiskeys are a true treat and unlike anything you’ve tried before! Here are 5 flavors you can try at either one of our East Tennessee locations:

1. Black Cherry

You’ll love this perfectly balanced flavored whiskey - it’s one of our top sellers! The sweet nature of this spirit makes it the perfect choice to include in cocktails such as a Black Cherry Tart. Add it to your Manhattan or old fashioned to take your tasting experience to a whole new level. 

2. Caramel Apple

This flavored whiskey will transport you back to the days of attending the county fair as a child. This fruity and sweet whiskey tastes extraordinary when combined with ginger ale to make a caramel apple fizz!

3. Cinnamon

Add some spice to your life with our Cinnamon Whiskey! Made with all-natural cinnamon, this award-winning whiskey is sweet and smooth. You won’t have any trouble keeping warm on a chilly Smoky Mountain day with our Cinnamon Whiskey. This 70 proof whiskey is flavored so that the cinnamon doesn't overpower that Tennessee whiskey taste you love.

4. Honey

Our Honey Whiskey is made from real wildflower honey that adds the perfect layer of sweetness to that familiar whiskey taste. As you sip, you’ll notice tastes of honey, wildflowers and honeysuckles. Like all of our flavored whiskeys, this spirit checks in at 70 proof.

5. Raspberry

Fresh raspberries meet smooth, sweet whiskey in our Raspberry Whiskey! This flavor is fruity, jammy, and rich, and when combined with whiskey makes for a unique bold taste. For a quick and simple cocktail, combine our Raspberry Whiskey with iced tea and you’ll have a delicious rail spike.

These flavored whiskeys aren’t the only spirits you should try when you visit us! Take a look at everything we offer, then plan a trip to one of our Junction 35 Spirits locations to sample them! We can’t wait to see you soon!