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Junction 35 cocktails

5 Tasty Cocktails Made With Our Tennessee Moonshine

At our Pigeon Forge distillery, you will find all different types of spirits, including vodkas, gins, and rums. However, we wouldn’t be a true Smoky Mountain distillery without a little moonshine. We have a variety of moonshine flavors available, all with their own unique taste and proof. While you can enjoy your moonshine straight out of the bottle, there are also some amazing recipes that we have come up with to enhance the flavor! Here are 5 tasty cocktails made with our Tennessee moonshine:

1. Infused Martini

This cocktail is one of the best sellers at Junction 35! If you like martinis, this drink will more than exceed your expectations. It all starts with our crowd favorite blackberry moonshine. From there, we mix in pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and a little bit of love. Then, you just shake and strain into a martini glass and serve! While this recipe sounds simple, you will find that it’s hard to have only one!

2. Sour Gummy Worm

Sour Gummy WormIf you enjoy fruity cocktails, you will fall in love with our Sour Gummy Worm drink! We take 2 ounces of our signature sour gummy worm moonshine, mix it with pineapple juice and mango puree, and add a splash of lemon juice and some sprite to create a fruity masterpiece! This drink is great any time of the year, but many enjoy it during the summer months as it is nice and refreshing! We even top it off with a sour gummy worm to add to the fun!

3. Dirty Dill

While there is nothing original about this cocktail, it does use our original house Junction 35 moonshine! However, then things get a little spicy. We mix the moonshine with 2 ounces of spicy pickle juice, before shaking and straining. The combination of the moonshine and pickle juice creates a unique flavor that you won’t believe! For all the pickle lovers out there, we throw in an extra pickle on top just for you!

4. Tennessee Margarita

Tennessee Margarita

There is no margarita like a Tennessee margarita! At our distillery, we take our signature margarita moonshine and mix it with lemon juice, lime juice, and agave before shaking and serving it into a margarita glass filled with ice! This drink is great for those who love Tennessee moonshine, margaritas, or both combined. Be sure to stop by our Pigeon Forge distillery on your next trip to the Smokies to experience this cocktail for yourself.

5. Spiked Peach Punch

As you can probably guess, this recipe uses our peach moonshine. From there, we mix in pineapple juice, orange juice, and top it off with sprite and grenadine. Served over ice in a Collins glass, this drink is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip to the Smoky Mountains! Be sure to pick up a bottle of our peach moonshine to take back home so you can enjoy Spiked Peach Punch all year long!

The only thing better than our cocktails made with Tennessee moonshine is enjoying them alongside one of our incredible food options! Check out our Pigeon Forge restaurant menu to start planning your trip to see us at Junction 35! We look forward to seeing you soon!