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Straight bourbon whiskey at Junction 35

5 of Our Best-Selling Spirits at Our Pigeon Forge Distillery

At Junction 35 Spirits, we’re proud to offer a variety of spirits, including bourbon, rye whiskey, moonshine, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. We’re bringing a long-standing family tradition to the public with our high-quality, unique spirits. And, you can come enjoy a tasting for only $5! Do you have a favorite? If not, we can help you choose! Here are 5 of our best-selling spirits at our Pigeon Forge distillery:

1. Bam Bam Vodka

When we mentioned that we sell unique spirits, we weren’t kidding! Have you tried Bam Bam Vodka? This is our top-seller! We took a trip to Bedrock and brought back some Bam Bam Vodka to the Smoky Mountains. Exclusively distilled at Junction 35, this bottle brings you a taste of your favorite fruity cereal. You can mix it up in a delicious fruity cocktail, but we think this spirit is tasty all on its own! It’s so popular, we like to include it in all of our tastings. Come visit us today to try some!

2. Apple Pie Moonshine

Bottles of Apple Pie Moonshine on shelves

We can’t say enough about our Apple Pie Moonshine. Every Pigeon Forge distillery has an apple pie flavored moonshine, but no one makes it the way we do! What sets us apart from all the rest is the graham cracker finish. This one comes with some instructions though to guarantee you get the full effect. You’ll smell it, shoot it, then breathe out through your mouth. This is the only way to experience the smooth apple pie flavor with the graham cracker taste at the end. If you love apple-flavored spirits, be sure to try our Caramel Apple Whiskey, too!

3. Gold Medal Winning Straight Bourbon

There’s a reason our straight bourbon is a gold medal winner — it’s just that good! Our Straight Bourbon is unlike any other you’ll find. It’s great neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail! We recommend our barrel-aged old fashioned. All you’ll need for this drink is 2oz of our Straight Bourbon, 3 dashes of old fashioned bitters, a muddled orange slice with a bordeaux cherry and brown sugar cube, and a splash of soda water.

4. Black Cherry Whiskey

Black Cherry and Raspberry Whiskey

This list wouldn’t be completely without our Black Cherry Whiskey. This unique spirit is one of the most popular spirits at our distillery in Pigeon Forge. It’s one of our newest whiskey flavors. We also have a Raspberry Whiskey that can’t be beat!

5. Tequila Blanco

The newest spirit to our Junction 35 family is Tequila Blanco! We launched our new tequila on Cinco de Mayo, and we’re proud to say it’s one of the smoothest tequilas in the Smoky Mountains. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have to stop by our distillery for a sample. We bet you’ll be heading home with a bottle! Our tequila is so smooth you can shoot it straight, but it also goes perfectly in a margarita.

Now that you know what our best-selling spirits are, we bet you can’t wait to try them for yourselves! You can visit us at Junction 35 Spirits to sample them, then head over to our kitchen and bar to try them in a delicious cocktail! Learn more about our Pigeon Forge distillery, then come and see us!