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Bubbletinis on bar in Pigeon Forge

5 of the Best Cocktails to Try from Our Bar in Pigeon Forge

At Junction 35 Spirits, our goal is to provide everyone who visits us high quality, unique spirits. We offer a variety of premium liquors, including moonshine, bourbon, vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin. Using these bold spirits, we’ve come up with a variety of handcrafted cocktails you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Whether you’re in the mood for something classic or something new and fun, you can find it at Junction 35. Here are 5 of the best cocktails to try from our bar in Pigeon Forge:

1. Bloody Mary

Our Bloody Mary is one of our most talked about drinks from our bar. The Junction 35 Bloody Mary comes with your choice of original or Jalapeno Vodka, Bruce Julien Bloody Mary Mix, topped with our housemade Bloody Mary skewers! After enjoying a Bloody Mary with us, be sure to pick up a bottle of our Jalapeno Vodka from our distillery so you can make your own at home! The recipe calls for 2 oz of our Jalapeno Vodka poured over ice, Bruce Julien Bloody Mary Mix to top it off, and your favorite skewer. We recommend going with our classic choice: a pickle, an olive, okra, sausage, bacon, jalapeno, and a cheese cube.

2. Sour Gummy Worm

Sour Gummy Worm cocktail at Junction 35 Spirits

In the mood for something sour? You’ll love our Sour Gummy Worm cocktail! This specialty drink is made with our Sour Gummy Worm moonshine. It includes 2 oz of Sour Gummy Worm Moonshine, 2 oz of pineapple, 1 oz of mango puree, and a splash of lemon juice poured over ice and topped off with Sprite. Plus, we finish it off topped with a couple sour gummy worms! It’s a unique drink you have to try!

3. Bubbletini

Want something that looks great AND tastes great? Our popular bubbletini is the best choice. We have a variety of Bubbletinis for you to choose from at our bar in Pigeon Forge. Our Bubbletinis are made with Junction 35 vodka and your choice of fruity flavor, then is topped with a flavorful smoke bubble! You can’t go wrong with any fruity flavor you choose for this special drink.

4. Barrel Aged Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned at Junction 35

You can never go wrong with an old fashioned — especially a Barrel Aged Old Fashioned from Junction 35 Spirits! This drink is made with our Junction 35 Bourbon, aromatic bitters, a brown sugar cube, a cherry, and a slice of orange, all muddled together for a perfect flavor. Like our Bourbon Paloma, you can make this cocktail at home when you buy our Junction 35 Straight Bourbon Whiskey! The recipe calls for 2 oz of Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 3 dashes of old fashioned bitters, and a slice of orange, a cherry, and a brown sugar cube all muddled together.

5. Bourbon Paloma

One of the most-ordered cocktails from our bar in Pigeon Forge is our Bourbon Paloma. This includes Junction 35 Bourbon, lime juice, simple syrup, and grapefruit soda. If you want to recreate this handcrafted cocktail at home, be sure to pick up a bottle of our Straight Bourbon Whiskey from our distillery!

Visit Our Bar in Pigeon Forge

Are you ready to come try one of these new and unique cocktails? They’re waiting for you at our bar in Pigeon Forge! Learn more about the premium liquors we offer, then start planning your visit to Junction 35 Spirits!